My Attributes and Needs

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My Attributes and Needs

The purpose of this synopsis is to provide you a basic guide to help point you in the right direction to follow when considering your best path of action for both a career and a school to achieve this.

Consider and reflect on these five important concepts: Personal Skills; values; needs and motivations; interests; and personality.


Without the required skill set for the career of your choice, all other considerations become moot. These skills will include technical and specialist skills as well as soft-skills such as time management, communication, and leadership abilities. 

You may embrace all these skills to a larger or lesser extent. This depends on your natural abilities and aptitude and more specifically what and how you learn, your dedication, and your desire and willingness to embrace these abilities.

Feel free to conduct a self-audit of your skills, rating yourself per the skills listed below, which could help you identify your strengths and possible areas for development. It is also helpful to consider whether you enjoy using certain skills and would like them to use them in a future job role. (Some skills are more important than other skills, depending on the job requirements.)

  • Communication: working with people, writing reports, presentations, negotiating, working in groups, leadership skills, and ability to explain
  • Information Technology Skills: computer literacy, using databases, spreadsheets, word processing, graphics, email and the Internet
  • Organization: planning, time management, flexibility, meeting deadlines, seeing something through
  • Problem Solving: analyzing large data, using of quantitative and qualitative methods, interpreting data, and evaluating
  • Innovation: thinking creatively, developing new approaches and strategies

Values, Needs, and Motivations

These relate to how you see the world, what you feel is important, and what you hope to achieve. You may hold values that will influence your career choice or have influenced past choices. For example, a need to do something worthwhile, a desire to help others, or a need for success (which will have an individual meaning to you).

It is useful to identify your values and to consider if they need to be satisfied in work, as values can also be satisfied in other areas of your life.  Sometimes values can change with time and changing personal circumstances as many of you will have experienced.

Here is a list of goals/needs to consider when deciding upon a career. You should create your own priority of these goals. Try to identify your top three.

Job Security

  • Money
  • Job Benefits
  • Opportunity for Advancement
  • Independence
  • Sense of Accomplishment
  • Self-Respect/Pride
  • Happiness
  • Geographic Location/ Working at Home
  • Industry Stability
  • High Growth Industry
  • Challenges

Your Interests

You should consider what interests you can, and would like to, incorporate into your career, or that you would like consider to influence a change of direction if you are in employment.


Certain aspects of your personality may influence the style in which you deal with people or approach tasks.  For example, you may be decisive, sensitive to others, cautious, competitive, methodical, confident, relaxed, outgoing, and so on. 

In what way might your personality have an effect on your satisfaction and success in different careers?