How it Works

As a potential applicant wanting or considering to study at a university, career school, or training center the challenges remain the same. You have many questions and at the same time, many potential opportunities – such as, “What is my best course of action to maximize my potential for a rewarding career?” 

We understand these considerations! Accordingly, we have designed a recipe for success to help you navigate through this process.

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We provide you with Potential Opportunities

We provide applicants a wide range of options to consider alongside making available a comprehensive online directory of accredited program options.

This searchable database of schools, degrees, and programs include both undergraduate and graduate programs, and certificate courses – many variables in a host of disciplines.

We will show you options of traditional and online schools by degree and location as well as programs of interest, all based on the input you provide in the forms on the Eluminus website.

With your approval, we will provide the schools of your choice with your information on how to contact you.

Explore the various programs and school offerings while matching the information to your own needs and requirements for which you are already prepared.

Understand Your Own Aspirations

Questions include “What am I good at”, “What would I like to do”, and, “Which field of study offers me the most income, enjoyment and pride” – to name a few.

To this end, our suite of articles found in the “Decision Making” section could be very helpful. Carefully reflect on a detailed list contained in the articles written, vetted, and selected by Eluminus as helpful to your decision process. Also, check out: “My Attributes and Needs” and “Fields of Study Highlights”. Eluminus will prepare you for the next step….

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Finding the Right Possible Schools

Understanding what to look for in an educational and/or training institution is critical: Questions such as, “Will I fit in well with this school”; “Can they help me achieve my goals”; “How about the program duration and costs”; “Do I want to study online or at a ground campus”; and, “Should I study for an Associate of Arts, Bachelor of Arts, or a certificate?”

You can find more detail in the articles written, vetted, and selected by Eluminus Online vs Ground Study and Questions When Interviewing the School.